Commissioned Art Ceramics

Commissioned Art

We’re not just making any old thing here – we shape vessels, things that people later on will handle every day. This entails a large responsibility, as life is hard. It is made up to a large extent of hardship and struggle. So, if someone sits down to rest and take a cup of tea, we should ensure that he may experience a small feeling of ease when taking the cup in hand. Something like a joyful surprise. He should in no way feel the burden of existence more distinctly than he already does, just because we make unreasonably heavy teacups.”

Except from „Herr Yamashiro bevorzugt Kartoffeln“ by Christoph Peters
(“Mr. Yamashiro Prefers Potatoes”, not yet published in English)

Something unique is always special – it exists only once in the whole world

We are happy to produce any kind of pottery for you. Cups, mugs, wine goblets, jugs, pitchers, baking pots, serving pots, bowls, dishes, decorative objects, lamps, floor vases and much, much more. Most preferably, however, clay sculptures, busts, figures, and wall-reliefs. Examples at Artwork

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