Sounds / Drumming

Workshop „Drumming for the Senses“

Costs: 60 Euros

Duration: 4 hours

Minimal number of participants: 6 persons

Sunday workshop as an introduction into the world of percussion, in which the power of rhythm becomes an experience. In easy exercises, you learn sense of rhythm and the different beating techniques, feal the pulse of South American, African and Arabian rhythms, discover how to “drum your mind free”, because drumming is sheer joy of life, temperament, passion and dynamic.

Using the given instruments, rhythmic-motor processes can be practiced, helping to alleviate coordination problems, encourage aggression reduction and simultaneously facilitate the access to music.

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Drum Circle

Percussive interaction as a team event or workshop.

Drum Circle is a special occasion to experience rhythm, joie de vivre, energy, and community. It enables a group of all different participants to spontaneously and without much preceding practice, have music develop between them. In doing so, mastering techniques or specific rhythms is not the intention. Instruments and impulses of different cultures are freely combined.

Dates anytime by arrangement

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Move & Groove

Applicable for: Company parties, school projects, music games in day care, childrens’ birthday parties, advanced training, workshops and seminars, team events or as a highlight of your event.

Let’s Groove & Move: Drumming and singing in a group encourages the emergence of new synaptic connections in the cerebral hemisphere and releases new concentration capacities. It sharpens conscious perception and guarantees lots of good mood. It’s best to come with a feeling of: “Yes, I’ve always wanted to do that again”, or you say without any previous knowledge and bias, “Yes, I want to try that.”

Focal points of the work are:

Pulse Exercises: Perception exercises. Make your own pulse audible with voice and in motion.
Rhythmic Body Work: Listening to music and distinguishing between music pulse and rhythm. Interpretation and improvisation, mental training, and concentration practice.
Stomp: With the help of various (household) objects, rhythmic sounds are generated.
Beat Box: Rhythm for the mouth.
African Groove: Learning and developing African ensemble rhythms.
Drum Circle: A rhythmic group event in which everyone makes music.
Circle Singing: Vocal exercises that promote musical sensibility in the group, as well as improvisational skills, are performed just for fun.
Body Percussion: Sound creation with your own body with the help of hands and feet.

Dates anytime by arrangement

Booking request