McKiev – Open studio for visual arts and body awareness

Frankfurt’s back courtyards are known for their hidden surprises.

They open up to those who encounter their environment with curiosity.

This is what we were counting on, when, in 2010, we moved our studio into the backyard on Sandweg.

Generally, an artist works alone. The moments of constructive exchange with the like-minded are desirable, but rare.

This is a condition we did not want to accept. We wanted to meet other people and give them the chance to act creatively, to benefit from this interaction and to inspire one another.

So, that is how the idea to realize this in the form of courses was born.

We are not a school in the original sense of the word. We have neither plan nor program. We communicate our knowledge and skills by jointly placing the wishes and goals of everyone who comes to us in the center of focus, and accompanying everyone individually in their realization. A procedure like this entails a group size of no more than 8 people.

It can appear pretty chaotic at first, but a closer look will show everyone in the room working on their own project and receiving assistance on need.

The topic diversity, the comfortable, casual atmosphere, flexibility of planning, individuality, and openness of the course members, creates the CERTAIN SOMETHING that one perceives at McKiev and that is so difficult to put into words.

Natalia & Stephan Makievski