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Setting up a pottery workshop in school

10 SEP – 11 SEP 2021 and 24 SEP – 25 SEP 2021 Advanced training for teachers/instructors 2 dates, 16 hours. Basics of construction techniques, ceramic colors, kilns, and firing. Participation certificate. Registration deadline: 26 SEP 2021

Painting Drawing Weekend Seminar 2021

Painting, drawing by model Weekend seminar: 06. and 07. Nov. Registration deadline: two weeks before the start of the seminar

Ceramic Intensive 2021

Ceramics WE seminar 09. and 10. OCT 2021 8 hours in 2 days Free modelling and throwing on the potter's wheel. No previous knowledge required Registration deadline: 24. SEP 2021

Drumming for the senses

Sunday, 26 SEP 2021 from 12 noon to 4 p.m. 6 to 10 participants. Free your mind A little workshop session Drumming for the senses Immerse into the world of percussion and experience the power of rhythm.

Customer Voices

Ben Beermann

Thank you so much for the two days spent with you! Natalia had warned us – addictive potential! But you gave me much more than this “addiction”… The word addiction suggests a craving for something you are looking for, like the search that lead me to you. And I found it here. Be it the (re-) connecting with the earth, with a sense of a hidden talent within me that wanted out, the creative expression, the being. I could experience being a child a bit – whether it was at times happily playing in the mud, or also experiencing something new, innocent and unaffected with exactly that quality of joy that kids have when they succeed at something (or fail and start again…) and so, in this regard, you, Natalia, were right again – even if I think that not only does time stand still and you don’t age when you are in this flow, but rather that time “leaps” and one departs from your place rejuvenated.

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