Natalia Makievski

Born in 1964 in Kyiv (Kiev), Ukraine

Since my childhood, creating something with my hands has been fun for me and given me pleasure. This did not go unnoticed by my parents and so, at 13, I found my way to Michael Gleiser (member of the VBK*2 of the Ukraine), who instructed me in painting and drawing. That was the formative encounter with master no. 1. This encounter lead to university studies in industrial design, followed by a second degree in visual art. Both with diplomas and both theses on, with, and in ceramics. After university, I began working as a freelance ceramics artist, in the course of which I met master no. 2, Sergiy Kozak, gifted potter, sculptor and friend.

Various circumstances in various areas of life lead to my relocation to Germany in 1996.

In pursuit of the possibility to continue working with clay, destiny guided me to master no. 3 – Hermann Luedecke, Swabian master potter, who re-set my head and in it, the entire picture of the pottery business in Germany. This image – along with some personal life events – generated Frankfurt as the location for the McKiev studio, where, every day I enjoy the privilege of devoting my time to my art and enabling others to do the same.

Since 1992 to date: Individual exhibitions and exhibition participation in the fields of painting, sculpting, ceramics, installations, in Kiev (Kyiv)/UA, Magdeburg, Peine, Grimma, Wahlitz, Frankfurt am Main/DE, Gouda/NL, Toronto/CAN.

*2 VBK=Association of Visual Artists