Keramik Intensiv Seminar

26. March 2022
27. March 2022

Duration: 8 hours in 2 days
Participants: 4 to 8 persons
No previous knowledge required.

Price: 115 Euro plus cost of material as used and cost for 1 firing in cash on site.

The participants of the current week courses will receive a 15 Euro discount.

  • On the first day, we allow the pieces to materialize and develop by free modelling or throwing on the wheel.

  • The second day is intended for the completion of the pieces in 3 hours, turning off from the wheel, coloring, decorating with slip.

  • Afterwards, the pieces will be dried, fired and picked up between 6 and 8 p.m.

Modelling with skilled assistance in the execution of own ideas and forms.

Understanding of free modelling with clay and the different construction techniques.

Developing manual skills and 3-dimensional visualization in spatial perception.

Gathering new experiences, switching off from the daily routine and centering yourself in the creative process.

We jointly develop a scheme for your project and realize it under guidance. Or you can experiment with construction-, modelling-, and decorating techniques based on selected vessel forms.

Throwing on the potter’s wheel


The event is fully booked.